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Kerisma Weight Loss Centre - HCG Elite Diet

Kerisma Weight Loss Centre

The HCG Elite Diet

Using a medically supervised, nutritionally sound and balanced dietary approach, the HCG Elite and KORE Elite Weight Management programs provide the necessary education, one-on-one nutritional counseling and unlimited support for a healthy effective weight loss solution.

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KORE Elite Weight Management

Our KORE Elite Weight Management program is customized for each patient based on individual weight loss goals. Our programs offers sample menu plans, recipes, helpful meal planning tips, meal tracking worksheets, and much more. Follow our blog for informative articles, nutritional tips, and delicious recipes.

This 8-12 week program is an ideal choice for your weight loss. Based on the latest scientific studies, our program will unlock the secrets to improving your overall health and eliminating unwanted body fat while building muscle and trimming your waist line.

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Why We're Different

The Kerisma Centre for Medical Weight Loss physician-directed programs offer strategies unavailable to other HCG centers and Over The Counter weight loss programs. Each medical weight loss physician is committed to helping you lose weight quickly and safely, and helping you keep the weight off long term.

Kerisma License Opportunity
The Kerisma HCG Elite Weight Loss Program offers impressive results, client satisfaction and practice opportunities suitable for a variety of medical practices. Get further information on our license program. Click here...